About Us

NextGen Park County is a local organization that fosters relationships among young professionals, develops business opportunities, supports civic involvement, and promotes an overall investment in the future of our communities.

Our vision is to harmonize Park County’s rich Western heritage with emerging ideas for present and next generations.

Participation is open to all young professionals who live, work, or spend time in Park County. Our goal is to give young professionals within the community a chance to connect, grow, and be involved in Park County.

Member Spotlight

Luke Skates is NextGen Park County’s July Featured Member. He recently sat down with current President Wade McMillin for a brief question-and-answer session.

1. Luke, you have been a pretty active member of NextGen Park County. Of the different volunteering events, which one has been your favorite and why?

“I really enjoyed the Bunks Across America build day down at City Park. It was cool to see the amount of volunteers who showed up to help make beds for kids who need them. There were multiple stations that each had volunteers. I was on the first station, which was sanding.  I can’t say I have ever used a power sander, so I was kind of learning as I went along. This event was fun because I got to be a small part of helping build beds for kids in need around Park County.”

2. You are also one of the only members who is originally from Cody. What about the area has led you to sticking around your hometown?

“I was born and raised in Cody and can’t imagine living anywhere else. I have a pretty big family and most of them live here; that is one of the main reasons I chose to move back after college. Cody is a great place to raise a family and I enjoy the small town life where community matters.”

3. As a handful of our members have moved in from out of state, I know you and I have made some really great, lifelong friends within this group. How tight-knit would you describe the members and do you believe being a part of NextGen is a good way to make those strong connections?

“I think the members are very close. We have been friends for quite some time outside of NextGen and that contributes to the success we have as an organization. I think when you work so closely with people on projects that benefit the community, it brings you closer because you have a sense of pride and teamwork. I think this is a great organization that allows new members to meet new people and start making those lifelong friendships.”

4. A fun fact that I know about you is that your grandfather, Jack Skates, was the former Mayor of Cody. Do you have any political aspirations, and what was it like to have a family member as the Mayor?

“It is really cool and gives me sense of pride to be able to say my late Grandpa Jack was once Mayor of Cody. In my opinion, he was the best Mayor that Cody has ever had. Every time I drive by Jack Skates Parkway, I think about him and all the things he did for the town he loved. I do have some political aspirations.  At some point, I would like to run for Mayor and carry on the tradition that my Grandpa started.”

5. A lot of your friends have claimed that you look identical to performer Kane Brown. Do you personally see any resemblance?

“Ha! There are a few pictures of him that I do indeed see a resemblance.  I just wish I could sing as well as him!”

The NextGen Park County membership is comprised of young adults of various professions, and the organization benefits from its membership’s diverse skill sets and strong work ethics.

Rob has been involved with NextGen Park County since 2017. He is a Cody native and serves on the Wyoming Wildlife Foundation Board. Rob’s interests outside of work include hunting, fly fishing, skiing, and anything outdoors.

Rob CoeManager, Pahaska Tepee

Hunter has been involved with NextGen Park County since 2017. She moved to Cody in 2016 after studying Native American history at Mount St. Mary’s University. Hunter is originally from Montana and her interests outside of work include social media and business collaboration.

Hunter Old ElkCuratorial Assistant, Buffalo Bill Center of the West@hunteroldelk


Highlights from NextGen Park County’s events and volunteer work in 2019.

Highlights from NextGen Park County’s events and volunteer work in 2018.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, August 28, 2019 @ 6:00 PM — Meeting at WYOld West Taproom

Tuesday, September 24, 2019 @ 6:00 PM — Meeting at Cassie’s Supper Club

Wednesday, October 30, 2019 @ 6:00 PM — Meeting at WYOld West Taproom

Tuesday, November 26, 2019 @ 6:00 PM — Meeting at Cassie’s Supper Club

Friday, January 31, 2019 @ 6:00 PM – 1:00 AM — JAMuary 2020: A Local Music Showcase at Cassie’s Supper Club (with Bright Futures Mentoring)

For more information regarding events, please email us at info@nextgenparkcounty.org.

Some of the NextGen Park County guys at the co-sponsored Yellowstone Quake event in 2018.