Member Spotlight

Wade McMillin is NextGen Park County’s Summer 2020 Featured Member. He recently sat down with current Trustee Kayl Mitchell for a brief question-and-answer session.

1. Wade, you became President of NextGen a year and a half ago. What have you done since taking the position, and what new things are you planning on bringing to the group?

“Since the group chose me as President, we’ve made some serious strides. Probably the biggest thing that wasn’t event-based was our LLC certification and becoming a recognized nonprofit organization. I would like to thank Nick Crandall of the Bonner Law Firm and Tim Poley of SBW & Associates for aiding in the process. Other than that, I think it’s incredible the effort that has been put in for us to grow. Before I started, the core group consisted of around 13 members. Now I am proud to say we have a roster of 33⁠—and with that strong base, we’ve really been able to hit our goal of participating in at least one charitable event every month.”

2. NextGen recently held a successful event with Bright Futures Mentoring called JAMuary. What all went into the planning of that event and what was raised?

“My, oh, my. JAMuary was a bear to host, but the end result was something I was extremely proud of. The most difficult part was fundraising of course because I don’t think many people like to ask others for money. However, this community was incredible in helping us fund JAMuary. The easiest part was probably getting the musical acts to commit. Cody has such a great music scene that has some hidden gems in it. We were able to showcase their talents and raised around $5,000, of which $3,000 went to Bright Futures Mentoring.”

3. There were quite a few people from the community that attended; are there plans to hold another JAMuary this coming year?

“This is a tough question to answer considering what’s going on us right now in terms of the pandemic and the social issues that are now being raised. Our intent is to do the event, of course. We just might be a little behind the ball⁠—but I promise we will make the attempt.”

4. What other future events and services is NextGen considering to help with Park County and the people that live here? What are ways that other people in the community can join the organization?

“We plan to help with Habitat for Humanity, which we do every year. Further out, again, it’s tough due to the challenges our society and our community has faced (and I’m sure will continue to face). Honestly, we had charitable events booked out months in advance, and, unfortunately, they’ve all been canceled. The only other thing on the docket right now is the Sleep in Heavenly Peace Bunk Bed Build Day at which we plan to volunteer in September. We will also likely do our part for the St. Jude’s Celebrity Dinner. I believe they are shooting for a rescheduled date in October. People can join our organization by getting in contact with any of our members, reaching out to us on Facebook, or by email. NextGen’s email address is, and my personal email address is”

5. As someone who grew up here in Park County enjoying all that this place has to offer, how do you think NextGen fits into the culture and way of life here in Park County? And in what ways do you believe it is working to sustain and even make this awesome place even better?

“First and foremost, I would be remiss if I didn’t speak to how much I love Park County in this interview. I feel so fortunate to have grown up here and even more so that I was able to return, find a good job, and now give back to the community that has treated me so well. I think NextGen fits so well here because there is nothing like it. We are a group of young professionals that literally has one goal⁠—give back to the community. I think our efforts thus far have helped those individual organizations with their missions and gave our members pride. Just by our existence, we are making Park County awesome. Every time we meet, every time we volunteer, we grow just a little bit⁠—and that benefits this community. Thank you, Kayl.”

The NextGen Park County membership is comprised of young adults of various professions, and the organization benefits from its membership’s diverse skill sets and strong work ethics.

Wade currently serves as President of NextGen Park County and has been involved with the organization since 2017. A Cody native, he moved back to Cody with his wife, Heidi, after studying journalism at Northern Arizona University. Wade is an avid sports fan and former coach.

Wade McMillinChief Appraiser, Park County@wademcmillin

Scott currently serves as Vice President of NextGen Park County and has been involved with the organization since 2015. He moved back to the area after studying information systems at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business. Scott serves on the Cody Lions Club Board, and he enjoys fly fishing, playing tennis, and anything outdoors with his dog.

Scott Kitchen Information Technology Manager, City of Cody@scott_kitchen

Tia has been involved with NextGen Park County since 2015 and served as Co-Chairman in 2018. She was born and raised in Cody, then left to study hotel, restaurant, and tourism management at New Mexico State University, where she met her husband, Kayl. Tia and Kayl have one baby boy.

Tia MitchellBranch Office Administrator, Edward Jones@tiavmitchell

Josh has been involved with NextGen Park County since 2016. From Michigan, he and his wife, Kerrie, moved to Cody in 2013. Josh studied professional counseling at Central Michigan University. Outside of work, Josh is an avid skier, cold weather enthusiast, and beer brewer.

Josh SpinneyCounselor Supervisor, Cody Regional Health@spind0c

Kayl currently serves as Trustee of NextGen Park County and has been involved with the organization since 2015. Originally from Texas, he moved to Cody five years ago with his wife, Tia. Kayl studied business management at New Mexico State University. Most of Kayl’s interests involve Texas Tech University sports in some capacity.

Kayl MitchellReal Estate Loan Officer, Pinnacle Bank@kaylthewhayle

Elena has been involved with NextGen Park County since 2018. She is a Cody local and has lived here most of her life, having moved back to the area in 2016 after studying mathematics at the University of Wyoming. Outside of work, Elena spends some of her time teaching dance classes for the Cody Center for the Performing Arts.

Elena RaverService Manager, Wells Fargo@elena_raver

Nick has been involved with organization since 2017. From California, he moved to Cody in 2013 with his wife, Lindsey. Nick studied law at the University of Wyoming College of Law. Nick enjoys bicycling, snowboarding, and brewing beer in his spare time.

Nick CrandallAttorney, Bonner Law Firm, P.C.@nickmcrandall

Luke has been involved with NextGen Park County since 2017. After studying business management at Montana State University Billings, he and his wife, Amy, moved back to Cody in 2010, and they now have a five-year-old daughter. Luke enjoys recreation sports leagues and golfing in his spare time.

Luke SkatesCommercial Loan Officer, Pinnacle Bank@luket.skates

Kerrie currently serves as Treasurer of NextGen Park County and has been involved with the organization since 2016. After studying mathematics at Central Michigan University, she and her husband, Josh, moved to Cody in 2015. Kerrie’s outdoor interests include skiing and snowshoeing.

Kerrie SpinneyInstructor of Mathematics, Northwest College@kerriespinney

Matt has been involved with NextGen Park County since 2018. After studying at the University of Wisconsin, he moved to Cody in 2009. Matt works as a wildland firefighter in the Cody and Greybull areas during the summer. Matt enjoys river rafting, rock climbing, hunting, and fishing.

Matt WannerSales Associate, Richard Realty@mwanner87

Lindsey has been involved with NextGen Park County since 2017. Originally from Jackson, she and her husband, Nick, moved to Cody after studying law at the University of Wyoming College of Law. She serves on the Cody Culture Club Board. Outside of work, Lindsey enjoys running, hiking, and skiing.

Lindsey CrandallAssistant Public Defender, State of Wyoming@lindseytk

Spencer currently serves as Secretary of NextGen Park County and has been involved with the organization since 2019.

Spencer ReidAppraiser, Park County

Mindy was born and raised in Billings, MT and moved to Cody with her husband, Michael, in 2019. She has been involved with NextGen Park County since that time. Mindy and her husband, Michael, who manages the Olive Glenn Golf and Country Club, enjoy golfing in their spare time.

Mindy MegerthCoordinator, Big Horn Children’s Resource Clinic, P.C.@mindymegerth1